Friday, July 31, 2009

Slightly Amusing

"Nature Boy" Ric Flair's Wikipedia bio is similar in length to Barack Obama's if you exclude the King Barry's extensive footnotes.


Cash for Clunkers

Well said:
"If they can't administer a program like this, I'd be a little concerned about my health insurance," car salesman Rob Bojaryn said.
I haven't said much about the program, but it reminds me of the gun turn-in programs. People just bring in the junk they want to get rid of - junk that is worth far less than what the government pays out.

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Wednesday, July 29, 2009

AP Vastly Understates Obama Protest Turnout in Bristol, Virginia

Why does this not surprise me? While making fun of the good people of Southwest Virginia, Brantley Hargrove repeats AP's lazy or intentionally inaccurate reporting of the protest at the Bristol, Virginia Kroger. Numerous callers to John Quaintance's radio show this afternoon reported in excess of 1400 protesters while AP reports "more than 200."

One organizer reported that they had over 800 new people sign up, on site, to be a part of the movement that had never signed up before. (It was unclear to me whether this was the Tea Party movement or another movement that was orchestrated to protest Obamacare.) Another caller reported that there were "more than 200" protesters on site by 1:00 EDT, several hours before King Barry began wooing the overpaid union bagboys at Kroger. I understand it is not uncommon for the Associated Press to write the story before the story, but calling this a Laphamization is probably being a bit charitable in light of the media's consistent under-reporting of Obama protesters and Tea Partiers.

Most of the Quaintance show was devoted to the many callers who were present at the protest and were outraged when one or more Secret Service agents allegedly "leveled" their guns, "swept" and pointed them in the direction of the crowd. Apparently, the "hicks" have a real problem when the folks in charge of protecting members of a gun-hating administration (that would prefer it if only the "well-trained" military and police were armed) do not exercise basic gun safety rules. Maybe they were too busy eating cupcakes to pay attention when that subject came up in training class.

UPDATE: Here is video that purports to include the sniper. Considering that the sniper was well behind Obama in the motorcade, judge for yourself whether this was necessary.

More on the Secret Service. Carol also has more on the gun incident, including photos.

UPDATE 2: Michael Pollard has more on the gun pointing and the crowd count:

Oh, and having Secret Service point guns out of vehicles at the crowds as
his motorcade passes by doesn't help his image any. That's right, yesterday at his healthcare promotional stop at the Kroger in Bristol Virginia, reported by thirty-something different people who saw for themselves - rifles pointed out of vehicle windows as they moved down the street. And reported on a local radio call-in show by several of them. On the topic of that meeting, there were some 1500 people that showed up. National news only reported 250 people, because that was all that had tickets for the employees-only meeting inside the store.

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Friday, July 17, 2009

Why are Tennessee Senators AWOL?

Last night, there was a cloture vote on the hate crimes bill. This is an amendment to the National Defense Authorization Act. The hate crimes amendment was approved. Neither Lamar Alexandar nor Bob Corker bothered to show up for the vote. Where were they? Apparently, they had something more important to do than represent Tennesseans at that time. The hate crimes bill creates a special class of victim. It gives prosecutors wide discretion. It is unnecessary. Where is our representation on this important issue?

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Marketwatch Contributor on Guns

In a typical anti-gun piece, Thomas Kostigen suggests that "It's time we analyzed the costs of gun ownership in this country." Liberals have been analyzing the "costs" for decades, but they continue to fail to recognize the benefits. I am all for analyzing the net costs of gun ownership, because the net cost will likely show a net benefit to society. The problem is that so many of the benefits are intangible. What is the benefit of having a large number of law-abiding citizens who could, in a pinch, provide homeland security? What is the benefit of knowing that if someone comes into your home in the middle of the night, you won't be defenseless? What is the benefit of oftentimes being able to simply show a weapon and end a crime? What is the benefit of having a force that equalizes the power of the thug and the physically weak?

Liberals want to look at costs of gun ownership but do not want to look at the benefits. It is just like any other freedom. What are the costs of having a free press? One is that we are inundated with utter B.S. What are the costs of having the protections of the Fourth and Fifth Amendment? Sometimes, guilty persons go free. When it comes to freedom, we cannot look at costs in a vacuum.

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Should Children Be Reading Proficiently When they Enter School?

According to In Session, Zach Wamp seems to think so. He says that "Our children are not entering proficiently when they enter school." Well, duh! Is he blaming this on the parents or is he just pushing another taxpayer-funded babysitting service? In my personal experience, most kids do not read proficiently when they enter school. I don't recall a single kid in my kindergarten class that could read proficiently when they entered school. If we are requiring children to be able to read proficiently by the time they reach school, why do we even need public schools?

I suppose Zach Wamp considers himself a successful individual. I suppose he thinks he "turned out alright." I dare one of you wimpy members of the media to ask him if he could read proficiently when he entered school.

UPDATE: Kay Brooks weighs in.

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The Value of Joe Biden

Bob Krumm explains why Joe Biden is valuable after Biden tells us that "we have to go spend money to keep from going bankrupt:

Spending money to ward off bankruptcy is the shill of daytime tv shysters who prey on the fears of those deeply in debt that if they just pay them to clean up their credit, then all will be well. It is so nonsensical that even the most innumerate and economically inept among us can plainly see that the Administration’s economic, health care, and energy plans are disasters.

Thank God for Biden’s propensity to gaffe, because America really needs to hear the truth.

King Barry might be able to convince Hillary to shut up, but he will never be able to contain Biden. Biden simply cannot shut up and for once, that is a good thing.


Thursday, July 16, 2009

Sotomayor on Gun Rights

Supreme Court nominee Sonia Sotomayor apparently cannot answer the question as to whether the right to keep and bear arms is a fundamental right or an individual right without hearing the facts of the case. This is an easy question, despite AP's slanted headline ("Sotomayor defies Coburn on gun rights argument"). The facts of the case have no bearing on what type of right exists. Her very answer is indicative of her view - the right to keep and bear arms consists of whatever those with black robe fever believe it to be at the time. That may not bother those who piss in their pants at the mention of a gun, but it should. A lot of other rights besides gun rights may be at stake. Would she give the same answer about other rights that are clearly enumerated in the Constitution?

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It's a mindset

Stacy Campfield points out why the Tennessee "guns in parks" issue may be a good thing. Because local governments have a say in whether we get to exercise our rights in parks, we will know where these people stand on this important issue. This may be the first time that many of us have become aware of some of their views on this issue, simply because it so rarely comes up in local politics.

A politican's position on guns represents a mindset that has much less to do with guns than some might think. In my view, a position on guns represents a window into the soul. If a politician fears the gunowner, he fears the people. He likely believes that government is the answer to most problems. He likely believes that that you aren't smart enough, restrained enough, responsible enough, etc. to do any variety of things. "Trust us, we're the experts" is their mantra. "Leave it to the professionals", they will say. No thank you. Gunowners need to step up and send these folks out to pasture at the first opportunity. (H/T SayUncle)

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Tennessean Commentary Says Most Restaurants Prefer Keeping Guns Out

Well, if that is the case, why have so few of them posted their facilities? One would think that if, as Gail Kerr asserts, "It's clear in Nashville that far more restaurant and bar owners want to keep guns out than let them in" there would be a few more of them posting their facilities. So far, I have yet to see a list of postings in Nashville that reach into the double digits. I know the economy is bad, but does Nashville currently have fewer than 20 restaurants and bars?

Ms. Kerr would have all facilities "opt in" if they wanted to allow people to carry their handguns on their property and allow governments to opt in as to whether they would allow permit holders to carry guns in public parks. I wonder if she would be so quick to suggest that we let local governments "opt in" as to whether to permit free speech in their locality. (h/t Kleinheider).

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OK to speed if you are a cop - tough luck for the rest of us peons

At least the judge in this speed camera case understands the issue: "That's what this statute is: This is a revenue raiser, it is a tax machine." Meanwhile, the police department has its own policy on the matter:
Police department policy is clear: If officers don't have a good reason to be speeding they have to pay tickets, same as everyone else," said County Executive Ike Leggett's spokesman, Patrick Lacefield.

So, what is a "good reason for speeding"? Good to whom? Most speeders would claim to have a good reason. "I wanted to get somewhere on time, the speed was not dangerous for the road conditions and I was moving with the flow of traffic" might be a "good reason" for us peons, but somehow I don't think that will cut it. If the police had a "good reason", it seems that they would have their lights on in the photo.
"This is a small group of officers who are refusing to pay when it appears they should have to," said Council President Phil Andrews, D-Gaithersburg/Rockville. "The public is resentful when public employees are treated different than private citizens, unless there is a valid reason for the action."

The public? Resentful? Gee, ya think? Once again, even this guy makes an exception for a "valid reason."


Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Please Don't Post

The Tennessee Firearms Association has a card available to be left at establishments to let them know that you will not support businesses who oppose your rights. You can find the card here. According to TFA,
The purpose of the card is to provide a polite and non-confrontational means of communicating to businesses, including restaurants, that permit holder are or have been patrons and that we are requesting that they do not elect to post their properties against handgun permit holders. In the context of a merchant, for example, the cards can be left with the payment, left with a tip, handed to a host and/or the manager. It is not necessary to verbally debate the issue.

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Where are all of the signs?

Here it is, July 15, and handgun permit holders can legally carry into restaurants that serve alcohol. While I have heard about a few signs in Nashville that prohibits the carrying of a handgun in the establishment, I have yet to see a single sign in this area. Bredesen and the anti-gun litigants would want us to think that there is a great public outrage against the passing of this bill, but so far I only hear crickets.

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What is it with liberals and abortions?

King Barry's science czar has apparently written about the constitutionality of forced abortions. Of course, its not surprising that some on the left would prefer it if the state made reproductive decisions, along with every other decision of any importance. The left's love affair with eugenics has largely been buried, but they just can't seem to help themselves when it comes to doing what they believe is best for "society."

All of this brings me to a question. Black women have abortions at a much higher rate than white women. Further, a high percentage of abortions are performed on those with lower incomes. Both of these are target demographics for the Democrats. Why would Democrats want to terminate babies who would most likely end up supporting them politically?

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Tuesday, July 14, 2009

I've never drank a place before

But apparently some of the anti-guns-in-restaurants-nuts have.

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Red light cameras installed where there are few accidents

It makes you think these cameras are about revenue instead of safety:

Clashing with the championed motive for red-light cameras - safety - a Daily Herald investigation reveals numerous cameras are going up at intersections in the West, North and Northwest suburbs where few crashes occur due to red-light running.

The revelation is another outgrowth of the newspaper's "Seeing Red" series examining the spread of red-light cameras in the suburbs. The series first pointed out how most $100 tickets are going to right-turn violations, which some experts say are not a serious safety concern.

Meanwhile, 20 out of 106 suburban intersections that have or may get cameras had fewer than four red-light running related crashes a year, on average, an analysis of available crash data show. Of those, three intersections had a yearly average of one or less crash likely related to red-light running.

Some of us have been saying this for quite a while.


Friday, July 10, 2009

Schaumburg, IL - A little more freedom on the way

After studying their red light cameras and the accidents in the village, the cameras are coming down.

The corner with the red-light cameras had 26 crashes last year, but none caused
by signal violations. And of the 12 crashes there this year, only one was caused
by disobeying a red light, Howerton said.

There is no indication whether the one accident caused by disobeying a red light was a result of inattention (which cameras cannot help at all) or by an intentional red light runner. There is a good chance that the single accident caused in this case was by inattention and that cameras made absolutely no difference at all.


Millions of your dollars spent to re-elect politicians

This is an outrage. (h/t Kleinheider). Millions of dollars are being spent on signs in construction zones that tout the stimulus bill. I recently saw one of these signs on a road that did not even need paving. Pure waste. If our government insists on wasting money, why not build some windmills or something that will eventually pay for itself? Why not rebuild a crumbling bridge instead of spending money on signs to re-elect incumbents? Why spend money to pave roads that don't need paving yet?


Similarities between socialist and Lamar Alexander

Terry Frank has all the info.

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Wednesday, July 08, 2009

Bristol City Council Declares Parks as Safe Havens for Criminals

The City Council narrowly approved the measure to keep law-abiding handgun carry permit holders from being able to carry in city parks. Criminals, of course, will not be deterred from carrying their weapons wherever they so desire. The voters should send David Shumaker, Margaret Feierabend and Fred Testa a message at the next election.

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How dare they interfere with our revenue!

The D.C. police chief has denounced an iPhone app as a "cowardly device." These devices alert drivers to potential speed cameras and red light cameras. Of course, when people get the alert, they slow down, become extra vigilant, etc. In other words, they do exactly what these revenue cameras are sold as doing. Why would the police chief be so upset that people are adjusting their behavior in the manner that the revenue cameras are supposed to encourage? Could it be that the cameras really aren't about safety but are about $$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$ instead?

"Seasoned Journalist" Thinks Republicans Want Stupid Presidents

Why am I not surprised that a "seasoned journalist" concludes that Bush and Palin are not smart individuals? Sharon Cobb inquires: "Why don't Republicans want a smart President?" While Ms. Cobb was busy being pickled seasoned in the liberal juices of MSNBC and NBC, the rest of us out here in fly-over country have not entirely bought in to the "Bush is stupid" meme that has been pushed by her and her fellow travelers.

Had GWB made a 57 state screw-up like King Barry, he would have been ridiculed by the media for years. One does not have to go very far to find records of Obama screw-ups that would have branded any Republican as a moron by the media (like here, here and here). Of course, there is no Olberman riducule. There is no dismissive eye-rolling from Chris Matthews. There is no snickering from Couric.

In inquiring as to why anyone would support Sarah Palin, Ms. Cobb goes on to say "So she touts smaller government, the American flag and military as ownership of the right, and...and that's about it." While I don't portend to understand Ms. Cobbs phrase "as ownership of the right", but touting smaller government and not being an apologist for the U.S.A. are sufficient reasons for rational and intelligent people to support Sarah Palin. These are two things that King Barry clearly does not understand. Ms. Cobb goes on to say:
I don't get it and I certainly don't get why anyone thinks she's qualified to be

Well, the first part of her statement is obvious. She doesn't get it. As for the latter part, perhaps Ms. Cobb should begin by explaining why King Barry was better qualified. That ought to be a challenging intellectual exercise for a "seasoned journalist."

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Reactions to Palin's Resignation

The Democratic National Commitee has created a video montage of the reaction to Sarah Palin's resignation. They largely use members of the media and Republican talking heads in their video. Could this be another "maverick" move? Only time will tell, but I think that people are so sick of politics as usual that someone who pushes against the establishment will be able to garner a significant amount of support in a relatively short period of time. (H/T In Session)


Tuesday, July 07, 2009

"An outcast to the mandarins, the pooh-bahs and the elites"

According to Roger Simon, that's what Sarah Palin's decision to resign from Alaska's governorship has made her. He channels a theme that I posted about earlier:

The Republican Party likes to nominate the next guy in line. John McCain in 2008, George W. Bush in 2000 and Bob Dole in 1996 were all the next guys in line. They had “earned” their place in the party hierarchy. (Or, in the case of George W. Bush, his father had earned it for him.)

Never forget - It is all about POWER. These people freak out when someone comes along that threatens their POWER. It should come as no surprise.


Shooting at Claxton Park

What do you want to bet that this turns out to be one of the parks that the local politicians want to keep as gun-free zones so that those bent on doing harm will not have to fear for their safety? Meanwhile, legal handgun permit holders are left defenseless.


In Johnson City parks, we must depend on police for protection

The Johnson City Commission voted to ban handguns in its parks. Accordingly, only the criminals and the police (when you can find them) will have them there and everyone else will just have to hope that they will survive. If you think those parks are "safe" as the Commission suggests, you've never spent much time at Buffalo Mountain or Winged Deer Park. I have yet to go to either of those places when I did not see someone who made me want to get back into the car and leave. Of course, I probably won't be going to Jane's Lunch Box when I leave one of the parks. Unlike Joshua Arrowood, I have eaten there.

Apparently, these two parks make some people feel safe - safe enough that alleged criminals think it is a good place to go and not get caught engaging in sexual battery, disorderly conduct, indecent exposure, assault, public intoxication and possessing drug paraphernalia.

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Monday, July 06, 2009

Sarah Palin Has the Republican Establishment Running Scared.

Instapundit has an interesting discussion of whether Sarah Palin might try to co-opt the Tea Party movement (i.e., kick Newt Gingrich out of the way). While nearly all of the talking heads and many bloggers act as though Palin has committed political suicide, I think her move is a stroke of genius. I do not think she will start a third party, but I think she will make a move to set herself apart from the other Republican candidates. These guys must be thinking the same thing, because members of both the Huckabee campaign and the Romney campaign have both stated that her political career is over. Too many entrenched Republican leaders are saying she screwed up. They are scared for a reason and they know if they don't bury her now the Republican party may never be the same. Their power (and their chance at additional power) is in jeopardy and they know it.

I'm not saying she is the right candidate in 2012, but I firmly believe she sees the opportunity to do something big and she is going to take advantage of it.

UPDATE: Rove is perplexed and Huckabee calls the move "risky." Like I said....

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Thursday, July 02, 2009

You're Lucky That We Allow You to Speed

So says a Montgomery County, MD councilman who is a speed camera proponent. So, engendering disrespect for the law breeds compliance?


Wednesday, July 01, 2009

Grasping at Straws

The anti-gun "coalition" has filed its lawsuit in opposition to Tennessee's recent legislation which permits handgun carry permit holders to carry their weapon into restaurants and bars which serve alcohol, provided that they are not drinking when doing so. This group wants the law overturned. I have a few thoughts on their lawsuit.

Anyone who would equate legitimate self-defense with vigilantism has a more than a few screws loose. The complaint (H/T Kleinheider) from the "coalition" fighting the "guns in bars" law cites to the law of the land of fruits and nuts (i.e., California) to make its point:

The Tennessee guns in bar [sic] law encourages breaches of the peace and unlawful vigilantism. The statute was actually intended by lawmakers to justify vigilante use of deadly force. This subjects Petitioners, employees, patrons and members of the public to the clear and present danger of vigilante shootings in contravention to law and the rights guaranteed by the U.S. and Tennessee Constitutions. “[When private citizens are encouraged to act as “police agents,” official lawlessness thrives and the liberties of all are put in jeopardy. Surely we should not now repeat the mistakes of a discredited era of our frontier past.” People v. Superior Court (Meyers) 25 Cal.3d 67, 88, 598 P.2d 877 (Cal., 1979).

You can't make this stuff up. This law does not encourage anything. If anything, it discourages breaches of the peace because now those who would be inclined to breach the peace may want to think twice about it because of the possibility that the victim of their unlawful aggression might be armed and able to fully defend himself.

The text accompanying the final footnote references a clause from the Constitution of South Africa (!!) which they apparently believe supports their position. It states that “everyone has the right to be free from all forms of violence, from either private, or public sources.” So, why not let me be free from the violence that could be inflicted on me, my family or others by allowing me to protect myself? After all, that's my right according to South Africa's Constitution!

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If the red light cameras don't find you, the GPS tracker will

There are some in the government that would love to replace the gas tax with a per-mile tax. They would use GPS to accomplish this, by tracking every move you make and every mile you drive. If the environment were truly a concern of these people, they would realize that a gas tax more heavily penalizes those who use more fuel and encourages conservation. Of course, the environmental rhetoric really has little to do with the environment and has everything to do with controlling the lives of the subjects.

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