Tuesday, November 08, 2011

Most Democrats Don't go to Church

So sayeth Gallup. Well, duh. It would be pretty tough to spend a lot of time in church and then vote for candidates who support this. (WARNING: Graphic video at link)

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Monday, November 07, 2011

Do it for the children

So says Rahm Emanuel. According to Rahm (aka the "Godfather," whose motto is to never let a crisis go to waste), revenue cameras are all about the children and are part of an overall strategy to protect the children. He wants us to believe that it's not about the revenue. Ok, so why aren't you using that money to, well, actually do something for the children. Nope. Gotta burn that money on some other big government scheme!

Who will protect our children from a government run amok? Who will protect our children from someone who would trash the Constitutional right to confront an accuser? If you want to do something to protect the children, how about giving them a country that values freedom and Constitutional rights.

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Hey, it's Unconstitutional!

Bluff City has responded to the class action lawsuit against it. It sounds like, while the plaintiffs made many arguments, they did not address the constitutionality of the fines in Bluff City. As I stated before (in much greater detail here), I believe there is a good argument to be made that their fine structure was unconstitutional under the Tennessee constitution. Article VI Section 15 of the Tennessee Constitution plainly states that "No fine shall be laid on any citizen of this state that shall exceed $50, unless it is assessed by a jury of his peers." The original Bluff City ordinance charged a $40 administrative fee on top of a $50 fine and that administrative fee was nothing but a fine by a different name. GO GET 'EM!!

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Camera Scam Might Prevent you from Buying a Home

Governments are now turning over unpaid traffic scamera tickets to collection agencies. This can have a significant adverse impact on your credit score. It could keep you from buying a home, cause you to pay higher mortgage rates, etc. Since most insurance companies check your credit score, it might also prevent you from getting good rates on your car insurance.

Aren't these all things that are great for local economies so the local government can have a few more bucks in the short term? Isn't it good news that your local housing inventory continues to build due to fewer and fewer buyers who have good credit? Won't it be great when you get into an accident and learn that you (or your UIM carrier) will have to pick up the tab because the other guy cancelled his insurance because he could no longer afford it.

The use of these cameras is so short-sighted. We get the government we deserve.

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