Thursday, June 23, 2011

Calling for Congressional Investigation

Considering oil prices had already fallen over 16% in the two weeks prior to the release of oil from the strategic petroleum reserve, Congress should find out who knew about this release in advance of it happening and how they knew. Key people who were "in the know" have made a fortune off of this. That doesn't even include today's slide of several more percent.

Didn't King Barry say just a few months ago that he would not be releasing oil from the SPR? This oil release is nothing more than a coordinated, world-wide effort to manipulate the price of oil. Be scared. Be very scared.

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We're watching you anyway, SO GET OVER IT!!

That's the fair implication of The People's Republic of Farragut's photo enforcement enforcement manager's words to the "TEA Party" members at a meeting regarding the Republic's red-light camera system. According to Ben Harkins, the photo enforcement manager, "Love or hate red-light cameras, surveillance has been with us for many, many years."

Not surprisingly, he also thinks Tennessee's new law that prohibits traffic cameras for citing right turns on red is "misguided." Considering how the vast majority of these red light tickets are for "rolling" rights on red (that cause nearly no accidents anyway), I suppose Mr. Harkins sees the writing on the wall and realizes that his job could be in jeopardy. Well, BOO HOO.

Maybe he should have been a little more direct: "Dear subject, the government is watching you. We want to know your every move. We want to know where you go and who you associate with. It's in your best interest. Trust us. Nothing bad can come from this. We will take care of you. If you have done nothing wrong, you have nothing to fear. This is for your protection. We know what's best. Bwaahaaahaaahaaa."

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Monday, June 20, 2011

There Was Once a Day

There was once a day when endorsement by a Russian president would be the kiss of death for someone seeking the presidency. Anymore, I'm not so sure.

A few questions that the rubes who supporte Barack Obama should ask themselves:

1. Do you think it is in Russia's best interest for the U.S. to be a strong nation?
2. Do you think the leaders of Russia want the U.S. to be a strong nation?
3. If they wanted the U.S. to be a weak nation, who would they support?

Rest assured that Medvedev's support of King Barry has nothing to do with "improving ties" and has everything to do with further weakening America.

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Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Winnipeg Results Show Red Light Cameras Aren't Working

The number of people killed at intersections in Winnipeg, Manitoba is basically unchanged for years after the enforcement cameras came into use. While I really believe the statistics shown in the article are to erratic to mean much, they certainly do not show that the cameras provide any material safety benefit. If they can't show a benefit, then why have them? The purpose of these cameras is to take money from your pocket and use it to enrich companies with powerful lobbyists and to give play money to politicians so they can buy votes. DON'T BE FOOLED.

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Mindless Culprits

After a speed camera in the U.K. was set on fire for the second time in a few weeks, a spokesperson for the Safer Roads Partnership "blasted the 'mindless culprits', claiming the damage put motorists and pedestrians at risk." She then goes on to lament that the "irresponsible perpetrators should realise the cameras are put in place to protect road users."

Meanwhile, John Danneskjold, spokesman for Americans Who Love Liberty*, blasted politicans who install speed cameras and red light cameras as "mindless culprits" who would rather defecate on the Constitution than actually read it. He stated that "their appetite for revenue and the corresponding ability to use that revenue to buy votes and thereby cement their political power is a sad statement on American politics and culture. We have allowed ourselves to be ruled by a political class that is more concerned with cementing its own power over the populace than with liberty and the freedoms entrusted to us by our founding fathers. It's time for that to change."

*No, Americans Who Love Liberty does not exist as a formal organization....but perhaps it should.

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Thursday, June 09, 2011

Judge Rules that Cops Can't Write Red Light Tickets

A Broward Co., Florida judge has ruled that cops can't write red light tickets because they are more expensive and create points on a driver's license when compared to red light cameras. He has held that red light tickets issued by a police officer are unconstitutional, essentially because it's the same infraction but creates a different punishment, based solely on who/what generated the ticket. In other words, there is no equal protection under the law as required by the U.S. and Florida Constitutions.

Of course, the reason most states treat traffic camera tickets differently is to avoid the entire issue of it being a criminal matter. They feel they can avoid the confrontation clause of the applicable Constitutions if they make a red light ticket "a civil matter."

It seems to me that if you have one offense with two different levels of punishment (depending solely on how the ticket is issued), then both statutes should be unconstitutional under the same reasoning. The judge had no reason to reach that issue because that was not the issue in front of him. However, it stands to reason that the same argument could and should be used in red light camera cases. In both circumstances, you have the same offense but are treated differently based solely on how the ticket is issued. That is unequal on both sides of the equation.

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Wednesday, June 08, 2011

The circle of despair

The automobile company bailout is but one example of the circle of despair that taxpayers are caught up in. Today, the CEO of GM is saying that higher gas prices would be "good for the environment." Let's see how this works:

1. Incompetent car company is failing because not enough people want to buy its product.
2. Incompetent car company's union helps current regime get elected.
3. In order to pay back the union for its support, current regime bails out incompetent car company. [Enter the taxpayers into the circle of DESPAIR].
4. Incompetent car company bets the taxpayers' "investment" on an unproven hybrid car.
5. King Barry works to do everything he can to make sure gas prices stay high. [taxpayers/drivers continue in the circle of despair].
6. High gas prices cause more people to buy hybrids.
7. Gas prices start to drop and less people become interested in hybrids.
8. Have CEO of incompetent car company suggest higher gas taxes so that gas prices will go back up.
9. TO COME: King Barry and the CEO get their higher gas taxes [taxpayers continue in despair]
10. TO COME: Higher gas prices lead to higher inflation - union goons get raises [taxpayers continue in despair]
11. TO COME: Union goons continue to support King Barry Obama and work to get him re-coronated. [taxpayers continue in circle of despair].

The higher gas prices are coming. If you think you're grabbing your ankles now, you ain't seen nothing yet.

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