Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Mindless Culprits

After a speed camera in the U.K. was set on fire for the second time in a few weeks, a spokesperson for the Safer Roads Partnership "blasted the 'mindless culprits', claiming the damage put motorists and pedestrians at risk." She then goes on to lament that the "irresponsible perpetrators should realise the cameras are put in place to protect road users."

Meanwhile, John Danneskjold, spokesman for Americans Who Love Liberty*, blasted politicans who install speed cameras and red light cameras as "mindless culprits" who would rather defecate on the Constitution than actually read it. He stated that "their appetite for revenue and the corresponding ability to use that revenue to buy votes and thereby cement their political power is a sad statement on American politics and culture. We have allowed ourselves to be ruled by a political class that is more concerned with cementing its own power over the populace than with liberty and the freedoms entrusted to us by our founding fathers. It's time for that to change."

*No, Americans Who Love Liberty does not exist as a formal organization....but perhaps it should.

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