Wednesday, June 08, 2011

The circle of despair

The automobile company bailout is but one example of the circle of despair that taxpayers are caught up in. Today, the CEO of GM is saying that higher gas prices would be "good for the environment." Let's see how this works:

1. Incompetent car company is failing because not enough people want to buy its product.
2. Incompetent car company's union helps current regime get elected.
3. In order to pay back the union for its support, current regime bails out incompetent car company. [Enter the taxpayers into the circle of DESPAIR].
4. Incompetent car company bets the taxpayers' "investment" on an unproven hybrid car.
5. King Barry works to do everything he can to make sure gas prices stay high. [taxpayers/drivers continue in the circle of despair].
6. High gas prices cause more people to buy hybrids.
7. Gas prices start to drop and less people become interested in hybrids.
8. Have CEO of incompetent car company suggest higher gas taxes so that gas prices will go back up.
9. TO COME: King Barry and the CEO get their higher gas taxes [taxpayers continue in despair]
10. TO COME: Higher gas prices lead to higher inflation - union goons get raises [taxpayers continue in despair]
11. TO COME: Union goons continue to support King Barry Obama and work to get him re-coronated. [taxpayers continue in circle of despair].

The higher gas prices are coming. If you think you're grabbing your ankles now, you ain't seen nothing yet.

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