Tuesday, May 24, 2011


An American Traffic Solutions EXECUTIVE was "suspended for an uncertain amount of time" when he got caught posing as a citizen and posting positive spin about traffic cameras. A spokesman for the company described the outed EXECUTIVE as being passionate for the company but said he went about promoting it the wrong way. MY. BUTT. He just got caught. Note that nowhere in the article did you see the phrase "without pay" to go along with his suspension.

This industry will stop at nothing to convince the populace that these cameras are desired. We can expect that the traffic camera industry will pay to have studies done with pre-ordained results. We can expect that the industry will hire lobbyists and PR firms. We can expect that they will make promises to crooked politicans of vast wealth that they can squander on their pet vote-buying projects.

They will stop at nothing. Use your common sense. If someone is advocating these unproven and unconstitutional devices, FOLLOW THE MONEY.

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