Wednesday, September 26, 2007

Would you want this woman to be your doctor?

According to this article, Sophie Currier flunked her medical licensing exam after having already been given more time due to her "dyslexia and attention deficit hyperactivity disorder." Now, she wants more time so she can either breast feed or express breast milk. Let's face the facts; she just wants more time because she apparently couldn't cut the mustard the last time around. She is likely scared to death that she will flunk a second time. We know, however, that real women can get through difficult exams just fine, even when lactating.

Despite my distaste for people who abuse the legal system for this type of folly, the bigger issue is whether you would want someone who needs extra time on an exam to be your doctor. There is a growing body of evidence that dyslexia is a myth. I have long considered ADHD and dyslexia to be "cop out" diseases for parents to seek out for their poor-performing children. It would simply be too embarrassing for Mommy to have to admit that her special girl is a poor reader and a bit slower. It is much easier to blame a "disease". While Ms. Currier's plight may be legit, I have my doubts. My admittedly anecdotal experience with people who claim these "disabilities" suggests that the "myth" position is rather strong.

Fortunately for us, there is Google. May all future patients be lucky enough to find out that Sophie Currier needed extra time to pass her exams. I expect there will be a permanent online record of her trials and troubles in passing the exam. I just hope she does not need extra time to diagnose her patients or treat them in an emergency. Personally, I wouldn't want a doctor that requires extra time to pass their licensing test.