Friday, March 09, 2007

Government Healthcare at Walter Reed

Ronald Bailey makes a point that everyone ought to think about. The government is in charge of healthcare at Walter Reed, but the people in this country apparently fail to make the connection between what is happening there and what could happen under universal government healthcare. Universal healthcare is not the answer. The soldiers cannot get the care they need and it is a problem that is solely of the government's creation. If the government can't take care of its soldiers, how in the world do the sheeple in this country think the government will be able to take care of them?

The folks in Tennessee have already had a taste of it with Tenncare. It was a disastrous plan that was hatched by Hillary Clinton and nearly bankrupted this state.

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Thursday, March 08, 2007

Punishment for Scooter Libby

Scooter Libby should get the same punishment that Bill Clinton got when he was less than truthful under oath. He lost his law license for five years. Clinton's lies were no less damaging; in fact, they were more damaging. Clinton was impeached for perjury and obstruction of justice, the same charges of which Libby was criminally charged. The only reason that Clinton was not convicted in the Senate was pure politics and mismanagement of the process; guilt or innocence had little to do with it. If I recall correctly, 45 members of the Senate voted to convict him.

Libby should lose his law license and this idiotic prosecution should be put to rest. Much like Martha Stewart, Libby was convicted for lying about a crime that the prosecution cannot prove even happened. It seems to me if it is a criminal matter, the underlying crime should be proven before a conviction could be had on obstruction of justice charges. If no crime has been committed, hasn't justice been served and therefore not obstructed? As for perjury, if it takes dozens of witnesses for the prosecution to make its case, it seems that the prosecution has a problem. Most perjury cases are slam dunks; they are easy. This was not an easy case and reasonable minds could differ.

In order to win this, the prosecution needed to bring in someone who already had a tremendous reputation for credibility - Tim Russert. Russert could very well be lying, but his reputation makes him practically unassailable. He is the Walter Cronkite of our day and people are very much inclined to believe him. I think his testimony would make it very difficult to not prejudice the jury because of his reputation and his celebrity status.

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Al Gore just keeps getting hammered.

That happens a lot when you are a hypocrite. People love nothing more when the preacher gets caught in a sin. Remember Jimmy Swaggart? Remember the "evangelical" who was on drugs and was soliciting a gay prostitute? Al Gore is the preacher of the church of global warming. Make no mistake, it is a religion. Of course, the mainstream media will give Al Gore a free pass on this.

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Two Global Warming Posts that Everyone Should Read

Everyone who has any interest in the global warming hysteria should read these two posts.

In short, Al Gore is a complete hypocrite. (Hat tip: Instapundit)

The second post is about how human meat consumption is the largest source of greenhouse emissions. Money quote:

Meat eating is either the number one cause of GW or it is not. If it is the number one cause, then why are the GW people not talking about it? Even the skeptics are not focusing on meat as they should be. I think meat may be the Achilles Heel of GW, as it puts the lie to them. The skeptics should be pressing it. [snip]

Another reason is that even the believers have a natural resistence [sic] to giving up meat, and they fear it will damage their movement. They want to keep it quiet, and for some strange reason, their opponents go along with keeping it quiet, probably because they think the less said about it the better. Big mistake IMO, especially if meat is in fact the Achilles Heel of the environmentalists.

The American people are used to being scolded about oil, but if they're asked to give up meat, they'll begin to wise up, and start asking basic questions. It's this "leave well enough alone" mindset which prevents people from getting to the truth.

Finally, there's a natural inclination to think of oil as the culprit, not just because Big Oil is so widely demonized, but because we've all been conditioned from childhood to think of smokestacks and tailpipes as pouring out evil, filthy pollution. Never mind that we emit carbons and that they're organic. Oil companies are "bad." Farmers are "good."

Every thinking person should read these posts. Folks, it's all about the money.

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