Wednesday, July 08, 2009

"Seasoned Journalist" Thinks Republicans Want Stupid Presidents

Why am I not surprised that a "seasoned journalist" concludes that Bush and Palin are not smart individuals? Sharon Cobb inquires: "Why don't Republicans want a smart President?" While Ms. Cobb was busy being pickled seasoned in the liberal juices of MSNBC and NBC, the rest of us out here in fly-over country have not entirely bought in to the "Bush is stupid" meme that has been pushed by her and her fellow travelers.

Had GWB made a 57 state screw-up like King Barry, he would have been ridiculed by the media for years. One does not have to go very far to find records of Obama screw-ups that would have branded any Republican as a moron by the media (like here, here and here). Of course, there is no Olberman riducule. There is no dismissive eye-rolling from Chris Matthews. There is no snickering from Couric.

In inquiring as to why anyone would support Sarah Palin, Ms. Cobb goes on to say "So she touts smaller government, the American flag and military as ownership of the right, and...and that's about it." While I don't portend to understand Ms. Cobbs phrase "as ownership of the right", but touting smaller government and not being an apologist for the U.S.A. are sufficient reasons for rational and intelligent people to support Sarah Palin. These are two things that King Barry clearly does not understand. Ms. Cobb goes on to say:
I don't get it and I certainly don't get why anyone thinks she's qualified to be

Well, the first part of her statement is obvious. She doesn't get it. As for the latter part, perhaps Ms. Cobb should begin by explaining why King Barry was better qualified. That ought to be a challenging intellectual exercise for a "seasoned journalist."

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