Monday, July 06, 2009

Sarah Palin Has the Republican Establishment Running Scared.

Instapundit has an interesting discussion of whether Sarah Palin might try to co-opt the Tea Party movement (i.e., kick Newt Gingrich out of the way). While nearly all of the talking heads and many bloggers act as though Palin has committed political suicide, I think her move is a stroke of genius. I do not think she will start a third party, but I think she will make a move to set herself apart from the other Republican candidates. These guys must be thinking the same thing, because members of both the Huckabee campaign and the Romney campaign have both stated that her political career is over. Too many entrenched Republican leaders are saying she screwed up. They are scared for a reason and they know if they don't bury her now the Republican party may never be the same. Their power (and their chance at additional power) is in jeopardy and they know it.

I'm not saying she is the right candidate in 2012, but I firmly believe she sees the opportunity to do something big and she is going to take advantage of it.

UPDATE: Rove is perplexed and Huckabee calls the move "risky." Like I said....

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