Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Red light cameras installed where there are few accidents

It makes you think these cameras are about revenue instead of safety:

Clashing with the championed motive for red-light cameras - safety - a Daily Herald investigation reveals numerous cameras are going up at intersections in the West, North and Northwest suburbs where few crashes occur due to red-light running.

The revelation is another outgrowth of the newspaper's "Seeing Red" series examining the spread of red-light cameras in the suburbs. The series first pointed out how most $100 tickets are going to right-turn violations, which some experts say are not a serious safety concern.

Meanwhile, 20 out of 106 suburban intersections that have or may get cameras had fewer than four red-light running related crashes a year, on average, an analysis of available crash data show. Of those, three intersections had a yearly average of one or less crash likely related to red-light running.

Some of us have been saying this for quite a while.



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