Thursday, July 16, 2009

It's a mindset

Stacy Campfield points out why the Tennessee "guns in parks" issue may be a good thing. Because local governments have a say in whether we get to exercise our rights in parks, we will know where these people stand on this important issue. This may be the first time that many of us have become aware of some of their views on this issue, simply because it so rarely comes up in local politics.

A politican's position on guns represents a mindset that has much less to do with guns than some might think. In my view, a position on guns represents a window into the soul. If a politician fears the gunowner, he fears the people. He likely believes that government is the answer to most problems. He likely believes that that you aren't smart enough, restrained enough, responsible enough, etc. to do any variety of things. "Trust us, we're the experts" is their mantra. "Leave it to the professionals", they will say. No thank you. Gunowners need to step up and send these folks out to pasture at the first opportunity. (H/T SayUncle)

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