Thursday, July 16, 2009

Tennessean Commentary Says Most Restaurants Prefer Keeping Guns Out

Well, if that is the case, why have so few of them posted their facilities? One would think that if, as Gail Kerr asserts, "It's clear in Nashville that far more restaurant and bar owners want to keep guns out than let them in" there would be a few more of them posting their facilities. So far, I have yet to see a list of postings in Nashville that reach into the double digits. I know the economy is bad, but does Nashville currently have fewer than 20 restaurants and bars?

Ms. Kerr would have all facilities "opt in" if they wanted to allow people to carry their handguns on their property and allow governments to opt in as to whether they would allow permit holders to carry guns in public parks. I wonder if she would be so quick to suggest that we let local governments "opt in" as to whether to permit free speech in their locality. (h/t Kleinheider).

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