Thursday, February 07, 2008

Speaking of Polls

The Johnson City dePressed has their own clearly biased poll. Their current home page has a poll question which asks "Should state legislators appove a bill to allow people with conceal-carry handgun permits to take their weapons into bars?" The very wording of the question colors the issue. In fact, the bill before the Tennessee legislature does allow law-abiding citizen to carry their weapons into bars but that isn't the purpose of the proposed law. The purpose is primarily to allow them to take their weapons into restaurants. Currently, Tennessee permit holders are not permitted to carry their weapon into any restaurant that serves alcohol. That means they must either (i) leave their gun in the car (which subjects it to theft by those who are clearly non-law-abiding), (ii) leave it at home (which defeats the purpose of concealed carry) or (iii) break the law (unlikely with this group). The key fact that this liberal rag leaves out is that the proposed law forbids the person carrying the weapon from drinking alcohol. The fair implication of their question is that the legislature is allowing drunks to go armed when that is not the case at all. If the poll is still there when you read this, go vote appropriately. I'm glad I ended my subscription to the Johnson City Press. I decided that I could no longer stomach its agenda and that I no longer had a use for so much animal cage liner. All that waste is bad for the environment. Hey, there is something the dePressed ought to be able to get their arms around!



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