Tuesday, January 22, 2008

Thompson for VP?

Looks like someone else has figured out what I said almost six months ago:

If Fred decides to run for President (which he will), could it be that the end game is to be a vice presidential pick? Personally, I think he should be at the top of the ticket, but look at the other two front-runners, Guiliani and Romney. Forget McCain - he is finished. Both Guiliani and Romney are from the northeast and are barely conservatives. Fred is a decidely strong, southern conservative. He can provide the balance for any ticket. If either Guiliani or Romney are nominated, they will not pick the other as a Vice Presidential candidate due to their close geographic bases. They will need someone who can help them carry some states that they would not otherwise carry. Fred is the only obvious choice that fits the bill. Newt Gingrich might also fill the bill, but I don't think he has his eyes on the second chair.

I think the converse may also be true. If Fred gets the nomination, I think the area where "help" will be the most valuable will be the northeast. I think Guiliani is the obvious VP pick for Fred. Guilini is a liberal Republican and would give Fred his best chance of carrying NY. It would be too funny if Hillary could not carry her "home" state. I'm still laughing at those who whine about Al Gore in Florida. Tennessee beat Al Gore. Florida was just a side show.

Maybe I should keep score on that post.

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