Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Hillary will pull out all the stops.

Megan McCardle is flabberghasted that Hillary is considering a scheme to try and make sure she gets the nomination by finding a way for pledged delegates to vote for her. Let me be perfectly clear. There is nothing that the Clintons will not do to get re-elected. Yes, I said re-elected. She knows that this is her last realistic chance to be President. Her defeat will be viewed by many as the "End of the Clintons" and a statement about the legacy stench of the Clinton years. People, don't be fooled. She will stop at nothing. She does not care if the party is destroyed. If the Clintons believe that there is any chance for her (i.e., them) to get the nomination, no shenanigan is beneath them.

Personally, I want to see it tied up in court. The Democrats tend to prefer to use the judiciary as a solution to everything that they can't otherwise accomplish, but I have a feeling that letting the courts decide their internal policies might not sit too well with them. It would be the perfect irony - an internal struggle in the party about whether to disenfranchise voters who do not have a Constitutional right to vote on the matter to begin with.

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