Monday, February 21, 2011

You mean it's not about safety?

In South Florida, some municipalities are losing more money on the tickets than they are taking in. If this were really about saving lives, the debate would be about whether the lives saved were worth the extra costs and burdens that these cities are dealing with. They can't have that debate because the facts show that these things just don't provide an overall safety benefit. Governments spend (i.e., "lose") money all the time on things that promote well-being and safety. They give up tax revenues to build a hospital. They spend money on a new medical school. They spend money to improve roads and make them safer. They're not talking about spending money in this case to make roads safer. They are talking about spending money because they plan to make money and when they don't make money, the cameras aren't fulfilling their purpose.

It isn't about saving lives; it's about lining pockets.

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