Friday, February 04, 2011

State Troopers Guard Against Speed Cameras

An interesting thing happened this morning while driving through Piney Flats (Bluff City). I followed a Tennessee Highway patrol vehicle, a large SUV, through the speed camera area. It was one of those times where a video camera would have been great.

For perspective, these speed cameras are placed at the bottom of a hill in an area with an artificially low speed limit. It is a divided highway that is rather rural, but has a few low-traffic businesses on the side of the road.

As the officer approached the speed camera, he (or she) jabs his brakes, gets past the camera and then speeds back up to a normal and safe road speed that just happens to be in excess of the posted (and artifically low) speed limit. This is essentially what a majority of people do when they pass this area.

So, in summary, Piney Flats, Tennessee is a speed trap. Avoid it at all costs. Take your business elsewhere. Do not patronize the businesses there.

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