Thursday, March 18, 2010

Attention Bristol Race Fans - Get Ready to Have Your Pocket Picked

Not surprisingly, the speed cameras and red light cameras will not be shut off for race weekend. Why would they? It will be a big jackpot weekend for the scameras. Unsuspecting people will come to town to voluntarily spend their money and will get home to find something in their mailbox that will forever leave a bad impression of our area.

I wonder if it would be legal for local residents who value our race visitors to walk up and down the highway in the area of the cameras and waive a yellow flag. Someone could then waive a green flag when safely past the cameras. If it's legal, it ought to be fun and appreciated by the visitors.

People ride bikes up and down that road all the time. Maybe they could put a sign on the back of their bike like I've seen before. Here are some sign ideas:
  1. Slow Down or Bend Over
  2. Scamera Ahead - Check your Speed
  3. Jesus Saves - Bluff City Steals - Speed Camera Ahead

That said, I'd guess the local dippities would find some trumped up charge to try and prevent this, maybe "impeding traffic" or some other overly broad and vague charge. The probably wouldn't want the first amendment to get in the way of them trashing the rest of the Constitution.

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