Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Bad Wreck in Piney Flats - Just Past the Speed Cameras

Driving through Piney Flats this evening, I saw the unfortunate aftermath of what appeared to be a rather bad wreck. It was just past the speed cameras which were supposed to dramatically reduce the number of accidents in the area. This accident appeared to be just like so many others that occur in this area (or along any major highway that lacks limited access). Since I only saw the aftermath, I can only guess what happened here but it appeared that a likely inattentive driver simply pulled out in front of oncoming traffic. The person on the 4-lane skidded to try and avoid impact, but it was to no avail. The driver of the car who pulled onto the highway was likely seriously injured or worse.

It was unfortunate I am not making light of the situation at all. That said, there is no way that speed cameras can prevent accidents like this and it is just as likely that they contributed to the accident. If people are staring at their speedometers, they are paying less attention to the road. Again, I'm not saying that is what happened here. By all appearances, the person on the highway made every effort to avoid impact.

Those who believe speed cameras are a panacea for accidents like this are much like the drivers who often cause them - they simply aren't paying attention.

I pray that the people are unhurt.



At 10:12 AM, Anonymous J. Arthur Fore said...

It will never be possible to stop all bad things from happening. Distressing as they may be it is part of life. Too often in the attempts to try, as with traffic cameras, the situations are often made worse, and as more liberty is given away.


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