Monday, June 01, 2009

Guns in Restaurants Bill

The Blue Collar Muse rightly makes note of Phil Bredesen's use of the deceptive phrase "guns in bars" with respect to the bill which allows guns in restaurants that serve alcohol. Being in Nashville, it's almost like Bredesen has taken whatever the the Tennessean says as gospel. So sayeth the Muse:

Of what value is the right to self defense if it is taken from you depending on where you are sitting? What protection do you have when your right to protect yourself is taken from you because someone believes firearm safety tenets supercede your unalienable rights? The right to self defense is not limited by our Constitutions to place and time. We are able to defend ourselvesat all times. If we abuse that right that we ought to answer to Government. But leaving us defenseless because something bad might happen and claiming to support self defense is hardly common sense.

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