Thursday, April 02, 2009

Knoxville News Sentinel OK with Ignoring Tennessee Constitution

In an editorial, the KNS recommends keeping Tennessee's unconstitutional judicial "retention" system. Of course it should come as no surprise that a newspaper recommends trashing the Tennessee Constitution (or any other Constitution) as long as their precious freedom of the press isn't eroded.

Here's an idea - let the people decide. Well, that's generally a good idea, except in this case, the people already decided that they did not want to amend the Tennessee Constitution to allow exactly what is happening now. The legislators and special interest groups did not like the answer they received from "we the People", so they just went ahead and did what they wanted to do anyway.

I've got not problem with the idea of keeping big money and politics out of election. The problem is that pesky thing called the Tennessee Constitution. The Governed already made their choice; the job of the legislature is to do what the Constitution requires - allow a true election for judges.



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