Monday, March 30, 2009

It's good to see someone else vocally opposing the FONCE repeal

Mark Hill speaks out against the FONCE repeal:

Mark Hill, the government affairs committee chair for the group Real Estate Investors of Nashville and vice president of James Talley & Associates, sees it differently and is hoping that legislators block what he perceives as move that would be detrimental to small business.“The current family exemption,” Hill states, “has become a tool for many small businesses to shield themselves from this extremely litigious society without having to pay the enormous costs placed on the corporate entities by the state government. Taking an extra 6.5 percent of the net earnings will drive many small businesses out of business especially during this economic downturn. “The additional one-quarter percent tax on the net worth would just be the twisting of the knife after killing the small business,” he added. “During a time when we should be promoting small businesses and innovation the governor is looking to squash it to temporarily feed the hunger of an already bloated state government.”

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