Friday, August 01, 2008

He's just too fit to be President!

Give me a break. Now the Wall Street Journal has an article that suggests that Barack Hussein Obama is "too fit" to be President. The article paints Obama as Mr. Fitness and McCain as Mr. Dunkin Doughnut. Obama is tall and skinny while McCain is short and his weight is "slightly above average" (at 165 lbs). Have these people nothing else to obsess about? Let's just stop electing Presidents based on their qualifications and go directly to handsome, fitness, height and public speaking ability. Perhaps Toastmasters International can provide us with a quality candidate.

I try to avoid being crude on this blog, but perhaps the Journal should just ask both candidates to "whip it out" so we can have yet another pointless "measure" of each man. It's clear that the candidates respective qualifications and ideologies have nothing to do with this election.

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