Friday, August 17, 2007

Mainstream Media Continues to Show its Anti-War Bias

On the way to the office yesterday morning, I heard a news story on ABC News regarding the exploding rate of suicide among troops. One would be lead to believe that our troops were under so much stress that they were offing themselves at high rates. After delving into the numbers, it appears that the media is just pushing its anti-war agenda. It appears that the suicide rate for soldiers is actually less than for civilians, historically. Also, it could be a random spike in the data. I believe the sample size may be too small to be given much credence in any event. With a small sample, even a few deaths can cause the percentage to spike.

Bloggers are all over this, so the media may let the story die (as it should). The true story here is about the media suicide, not the Army. The media's credibility is already in the dumper and a few more stories like this won't help.

Well they are, you know, on the other side. I guess this is to be expected.

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