Monday, October 09, 2006

Best Way to Get Out of Jury Duty

Well, it looks like some lawyers and judges may have invented the perfect way to get out of jury duty. It seems that at the time this gentleman was called for jury duty, the jury foreman felt the need to make a blog post which complained about having to show up for jury duty to deal with the local "riffraff."

In the days before he was to report for jury duty, Vachon posted this on
his blog: "Lucky me, I have jury duty!" and, "Now I get to listen to the local
riffraff try and convince me of their innocence." Later, he also posted on the
now-defunct blog that he was surprised that after two days of jury selection, he
hadn’t been "booted due to any strong beliefs I had about police, God, etc."

After the criminal was convicted, his attorney appealed the case because, had he known about these statements, he would have had the juror dismissed. Based on the logic if this guy's lawyer, all anyone needs to do to get out of jury duty is to make a blog post about having to deal with the "riffraff", how anyone who gets arrested "must" be guilty or something else along those lines. That's just what we need - one more way for the smart and connected people to get out of jury duty so that only the idiots remain....and people wonder why we have jackpot juries.


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