Monday, September 18, 2006

Bob Corker gets an "A" from the NRA-PVF

I am not surprised that the NRA would endorse Bob Corker over Harold Ford, Jr. What surprises me is the "A" rating that they gave Corker. I would have thought that an unrated endorsement would have been just as effective without having to do the mental gymnastics required to give Corker an "A" rating. His history of being a sportsman and hunter and of putting criminals in jail has little to do with whether he will truly be an advocate for, and defender of, the Second Amendment. That said, I strongly believe that Corker is more of a friend to the people on this issue than is Harold Ford, Jr. According to one blogger, Ford actually introduced a bill that included anti-gun provisions. Like John Kerry, he apparently was "for it before he was against it."


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