Wednesday, June 06, 2012

What is the difference between a bailout and a rescue?

Apparently, Money Magazine thinks it depends on your political party.  On page 104 of its April 2012 issue (yes, some of us still read paper magazines on occasion), it has a headline entitled "The recession boosted spending" in reference to the federal budget.  It talks about increased government spending and closes with this jewel: "There was also the bank bailout (begun under President Bush) and the auto rescue (mostly on Obama's watch)." (emphasis added). 

This is a prime example of how slight changes in words demonstrate the bias in the media.  If a Republican did it, it is a bailout for big money and cronies.  If a Democrat did it, it is a "rescue."  Cronies do bailouts; heroes do rescues.  Crooked politicians bailout their buddies, but people of strong will and great courage do rescues.   By simply using a word with pejorative overtones when dealing with a Republican while using a word with positive overtones in dealing with a Democrat, the media shows its true colors.  This is very subtle, but a very real demonstration of media bias in favor of Democrats in general and Barack Obama in particular.  They coronated this empty suit once before.  Let's not let them get away with it this time.

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