Monday, June 11, 2012

Enforcement Camera Companies Get Their Butts Handed to Them

Last year, the Tennessee legislature changed the law so that red light enforcement cameras could not be relied upon for the issuance of tickets for "rolling rights on red" unless an officer actually witnessed the infraction.  As a result of that, the number of tickets from the red light cameras dropped precipitiously.  Redflex and American Traffic Solutions, the two companies that build and profit from these cameras challenged the law's constitutionality.  They lost. The interesting thing is that, after the law changed, accidents (and particularly rear-enders) declined.  The idiot cop in the article attributes the decline in the accidents to the photo program "instill[ing] better driving habits."  Apparently, the idea that people do not slam on their brakes irrespective of safety to avoid a camera ticket for a close light never crossed his mind.  He may has well said "this program gives the people who write my paychecks lots of money to spend and I will give up every shred of credibility to keep it in place."

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