Friday, September 17, 2010

Why doesn't Tennessee sue over Obamacare?

My understanding is that Tennessee would be joining in the lawsuit with the 20 states who are suing the federal government if the bill authorizing it had passed the Tennessee house. Jerome Cochran says that the reason is that Kent Williams joined with the Tenessee House Democrats to defeat the bill.

Kent Williams needs to be sent back to Carter County to retire. He's a tax and spend RINO who cannot even be trusted by his own (former) party. For more background on Mr. Williams, start with the famous "Judas" photo.

I think a lot of people in Carter County think that Judas Williams brings something "to the table" because he is the Speaker of the House. However, when you think ahead a little bit, it is easy to see that Judas Williams' days as Speaker are likely over. A vote for Williams is probably a vote for Jimmy Naifeh, a Democrat, as Speaker. Judas Williams was elected as Speaker as part of back room, shady deal. It is unlikely that he will ever be able to pull that deal off in the future. He'd probably join up with the Democrats today if he didn't know that it would kill his chances of getting elected in Carter County.

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