Thursday, August 19, 2010

Warning and Apology to Bristol Race Fans

Don't forget to watch out for the speed cameras located on 11E in Piney Flats. Don't forget to watch out for the red light cameras in Johnson City and Kingsport. Do not turn right on red. It may be legal, but you have to come to a complete stop and you will have a tough time proving that you did. The camera will take your photo regardless of whether you come to a complete stop. I would encourage you to patronize the businesses in Bristol, Tennessee (not Virginia) or Elizabethton, Tennessee, because they have managed to keep enough pressure on the local politicos to keep the cameras at bay, at least for now. Those towns prefer to get your money the honest way - by giving you something in return for it.

You won't be any safer here because of the cameras, but your wallet will feel lighter when you leave if you aren't very careful. On behalf of those of us who oppose this scam, I apologize, for whatever that is worth.

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