Friday, December 11, 2009

Bank of Tennessee Puts out Welcome Mat for Bank Robbers

It appears as though Bank of Tennessee wants to let bank robbers know that its buildings are gun free. I suppose the bank's management believes that would-be robbers or others who are bent on doing harm with weapons will see that sign and walk away. Yeah, right. The more likely scenario is that it will simply embolden those types of people. If these people had any regard for the law, they wouldn't be robbing banks. Now, they know they can enter what is more likely to be a gun-free zone and know there is less chance they will be stopped from achieving their ultimate goal.

I'm just doing my part to help them get the word out that permit holders are not welcome. I've already closed a business account and a personal account. I will close my final personal account after the first of the year, as it is too late for me to change some of my automatic withdrawals. I have no desire to visit places where criminals are made to feel safe.

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