Friday, June 05, 2009

Yes, I will boycott

I will boycott any restaurant in Tennessee that voluntarily posts signs that prohibit the carrying of a handgun. The restaurant owners are worried that they now have to take a stand and can no longer depend on the government to do their bidding for them. SayUncle has started a list and I will post anyone in the Tri-Cities that I become aware of. Bring them to the comments when you see them.

To me, it is a deeply personal matter. It is not about retailiation or intimidation as the left-wing loonies contend. I simply refuse to knowingly support anyone who disfavors freedom or that otherwise supports the left-wing agenda. I try to be as consistent as possible in this. I don't subscribe to the Johnson City dePressed because of their liberal agenda. I have never purchased anything from Ben & Jerry's because of the causes they support. The list could go on, but with handguns, it is even more personal. I don't go to any business that posts a prohibition on handguns. No one else will defend me if I need defending. I must be able to defend myself and my family. I choose to patronize the businesses that allow me that opportunity to the expense of those who do not.

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At 6:30 PM, Blogger Johnnyreb™ said...

Everytime the local IHOP gets a new manager, i just have to stop and 'yank their chain' by announcing that since i'm being discriminated against, i'm going elsewhere ...

I just love these cards >>>


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