Friday, June 26, 2009

Losers Start Challenge to Guns in Restaurants Bill

Apparently, a group in Nashville is trying to overturn the guns in restaurants bill before it becomes effective. Their arguments are rather weak. Frankly, I am surprised that a lawyer is involved with a group that makes such weak arguments regarding the reasons a court should block the effectiveness of the bill. They claim the legislature was misled by lobbyists. While I doubt that is true, even if it were true, the buck stops with the legislature. It is the legislatures responsibility to ferret out the truth, not some third-party judge who wants to play Monday morning QB. A remedy already exists for this "problem"; if the legislature feels it has been misled, it can repeal the bill.

Also, this group apparently does not understand the doctrine of preemption. Both the legislature and the Tennessee Attorney General have made it clear that local governments cannot address the guns in restaurants issue.

This group wants to subvert the legislative process and find a friendly court to overturn the judgment of the legislature. Whether you agree with the legislature or not, this is simply un-American. It is reminiscent of the homosexuals in California who lose at the ballot box and then run to their liberal mommies at the courthouse to try and overturn it.

You lost. Get over it. If you don't like it, elect someone else.



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