Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Small Poll Finds Support for Red Light Cameras

After surveying 800 people, a group called "Public Opinion Strategies" has determined there is vast support for red light cameras. First, I question this group and who funds them, but beyond that, I wouldn't be totally surprised if their results are somewhat accurate. After all, this nation is full of nanny-staters who think that more government is the solution to every problem. It is full of people who have a very limited understanding of the Constitution and have an even lesser understanding of the word "liberty." That's what you get when the government is in charge of education.

UPDATE: Public Opinion Strategies is known as a "Republican polling company." Their website notes: "We have extensive experience in polling both for AND against initiatives around the country, which provides us with an unmatched depth of understanding in translating polling data into winning campaign strategies." In other words, they know how to get the results their client seeks. So the question is, who is paying them to create this poll? Is it the camera companies or the municipalities who want to have another source of revenue? Someone else?

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