Monday, May 11, 2009

Doctors Weigh In on Single Payor System

Hugh Hewitt has posted some interesting commentary from doctors who oppose King Barry's healthcare proposal.

Finally, a word about the "uninsured". These folks, estimated to number ~46 million, are one of the big drivers pushing the nation to a one-payer system. Study after study has shown that most of these patients are 1) eligible for gov't programs already,2) transiently uninsured because of job change, 3) making good money but have elected not to buy insurance, 4) illegal aliens. The hardcore long-term uninsured only number 10 to 15 million. In a nation of 300 million, this really should not be a big problem. Providing some level of care for the 3-5% that are truly uninsurable should not be a justification for screwing things up for everybody else.

As they say in the big leagues, "read the whole thing."



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