Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Et Tu Fox News?

FoxNews, with cooperation of the AP, has the following sub-headline "Machine gun-toting man leaves 12 dead across two Alabama counties — including his own mother and girlfriend — in a bloody rampage". In addition to this sub-headline on their main page, the article itself makes four references to an "automatic weapon." It closes with this gem:

Myers, the grieving sheriff's deputy, made an appeal Wednesday to tighten the country's laws on the ownership of automatic weapons. "As a community, as a family, as a nation, we need to do something about this," he said
Really, we need to do something about this? Something was done about machine guns and automatic weapons many decades ago. You can't own a machine gun without a permit. They are difficult to obtain and are rare. The fact is, this person likely did not use a machine gun. He likely used a semi-automatic weapon that had cosmetic features (i.e., plastic) that made it look "menacing." In actuality, the weapon was likely not functionally different from a typical hunting rifle. USA Today reported the gunman as using an "assualt weapon", which is an accurate portrayal if one considers the "assault weapons ban" to be accurately named.

It's almost like the media had the article written in advance of the event so they could start pushing the revival of the misnamed "assault weapons ban."

No gun control law in the world would have saved these people. The strict gun control laws in Germany saved no one.

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