Tuesday, October 21, 2008

It's over. McCain has won the election.

Well, the liberals might as well get over it. Despite claims to the contrary by the desperate news media, McCain has won the election and it is for a very simple reason. Most of the Democrats will believe the press reports that Obama has already won. After all, their primary news source is the MSM and everything said in the MSM is true (except for Faux News - everything said there is a partisan lie and part of the vast right-wing conspiracy). Since these lemmings already believe the media hype, it stands to reason that they will believe that Obama has won and will not vote. Republicans, on the other hand, do not believe the MSM lies. They will rightly assume that the race is not, in fact, already won by Obama and will go vote for McCain.

In any event, this final nail in the coffin for Obama may have been unnecessary. We all know that most Democrats work in high-paying jobs and would rather stay at work than go waste their time voting. On the other hand, most of the Republicans are too poorly educated to get in out of the rain, work at minimum wage, are unemployed, are dead or just got out of prison so they have plenty of time to go vote, at least once or twice.

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