Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Looks like Obama missed the sermon on tithing, too.

One percent is not ten percent. I suppose Obama's failure to live up to his scriptural obligations will now be used to shield him from Jeremiah Wright's (Obama's nutty pastor) hate speech. Here is how it works. "Just as I missed all of Uncle Jeremiah's hate rhetoric, I missed his sermons on tithing as well. I really don't attend church as often as I should. It is because I have devoted my life to public service and to helping the little man."

The article takes great pains to mention that he gives about what the average American gives. So what? Should the next President be like the average American?

On top of his failure to give generously, he has next to no interest income. The Obamas blame all their problems on student loans. "If only the government had given them a free education...." I'm sorry, but even the most pathetic financial manager should have been able to generate more interest income over that period of time, simply by playing the float on the time between when his paychecks arrive and the due dates of his bills. Doing that is like picking up free money off the ground. This pathetic excuse for a Presidential candidate cannot even manage his own household efficiently. How can he possible manage our government?

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