Friday, February 29, 2008

Is Obama's Middle Name his Greatest Strength?

Ah, the kerfuffle about calling Barack Hussein Obama, Barack Hussein Obama. It occurs to me that his middle name may be his greatest strength in this election. The die is cast that anyone who mentions his middle name is automatically branded as a kook and implicitly branded as a bigot. It has been called "a tactic used by critics who insist that Obama is really a Muslim" the implication being that this tactic is being used to keep bigots from voting for Obama.

People will continue to use his middle name as long as he is a political figure (just like they have for any other politician running for the highest office). Some will use it just to piss of the left. The problem is that now, every time it is used, the left can rally around Obama and "come to his defense." They can imply that the use of the middle name is bigoted without raising the race card (bigotry being the worst possible crime in America). Every time Hussein is used, there will be an outcry and once again a full discussion of this man's fully far-left divisive record (to the extent it exists) will be avoided.

These people can't win on the issues and they know it. They will spend their time focusing on middle names and whether "America is ready" for a black president, etc. The fact that he has come this far in the process is ample proof that America is not denying him the opportunity. If he loses, it won't be because of his race. It will be because people figure out that a cut and run, divisive socialist with no record of accomplishments is not worthy of the job of President.



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