Friday, November 19, 2010

Beth Harwell is New TN Speaker of the House

Well, not officially, but it is a done deal. On Twitter, Chas Sisk says that the Republican caucus will not release the breakdown of the votes. My question is, "why not?" Do they fear the Tea Party and the gun rights advocates? Are they concerned that if word got out of who voted for her, Tea Partiers and gun rights advocates would target them in primaries?

Well, thanks Republicans for showing no transparency at all. This is an important vote and you are hiding the ball. WHAT DO YOU HAVE TO HIDE? I want to know if my representative represented my interests. So, man up, Scotty Campbell. Tell us how you voted. Or are you stuck under a oath of secrecy? My guess is, considering Mr. Campbell's relationship with the disgraced former Republican Kent Williams, that he supported Harwell. That will be my assumption unless he tells us otherwise.

Here's a message to you if you get too far off track: We are watching you. We have the Internet. We will not forget. The chickens will come home to roost. If you get too far off the reservation, we will work our butts off to see you out of office in a couple of years. We don't care about your party.

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