Friday, August 14, 2009

MoveOn Working on Letter Campaign re Health Care is soliciting its members to write letters to local newspapers. I think this speaks for itself. They have a list of talking points, so don't be surprised when you read this in your local paper. Keep in mind when you read these letters that these are generated by a national campaign that is being orchestrated by a special interest group that is bent on expanding the size of government. The gist of them follows, as re-drafted by me:

  • Create a false sense of urgency so that Congress railroads this bill through. They say, every day, X people in X state lose their health care coverage and that, without reform, everyone's premiums will increase. Sure, people lose coverage every day, but they also obtain coverage every day. There is a certain amount of turnover in every market.
  • They want writers to encourage Congress to create a public option (so we will be on the irrevocable path to socialized medicine and will be forced to accept rationed care like the Canadians and others with similar systems).
  • They want writers to say that we should create a public option to "spur competition." Only the mental defects at MoveOn could think that you spur competition by killing private companies.



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