Tuesday, May 05, 2009

Morristown Red Light Camera Fails to Prevent Crash

The first line of the Citizen Tribune's story says that "A red light camera on Highway 25E in Morristown wasn’t a factor in a T-bone crash Thursday afternoon that landed a man and woman in a medical helicopter bound for Knoxville, according to police." Wasn't a factor? Are they trying to deflect criticism from the camera? The fact is, the camera did not prevent the crash. Isn't that the bill of goods that we are being sold?

The fact is, the driver either intentionally ran the light or had his head buried in his rear end. That's what generally happens when people run red lights in such an egregious manner. Cameras will never stop that but they will steal your rights. No, I'm not saying you have the right to run a red light. The Constitution has a lot of protections for the accused and those are being tossed out of the window by the politicians who are supposed to uphold the Constitution because they want to spend more of your money and this is an easy way to get it.



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