Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Bredesen ties FONCE repeal to law enforcement

Let's recap Bredesen's strategy: First, create the impression that the FONCE exemption is a loophole (so people will think it is illigetimate and unintended by the legislature). Second, tie the FONCE to wealthy families. Third, create a bogeyman. Fourth, tie the lack of repeal to a loss of law enforcement jobs (because everyone loves law enforcement). It's quite a [;am and is, as I've said before, a textbook example of the Democrat tax increase process. Apparently, Bredesen could not find a way to tie this tax increase to something "for the children" instead of "law enforcement", but he has probably played that card too many times already. Of course, it is not too late for the administration to try that tactic.

They will stop at nothing to try and subject more and more families to an income tax, which is an essential element of the F&E tax.

UPDATE: Earlier, I meant to include the one thing missing from their plan - having Jimmy Neifeh ramrod the bill through the House like he has done so many times in the past over clear objection (everyone should watch the linked video to see how Naifeh ran the House). Looks like Bresesen has his man in the House to cover it for him anyway.

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