Tuesday, June 03, 2008

Being a liberal - what a horrible existence

Unlike about 85% of the reviewers on Amazon, I've actually read the entirety of Atlas Shrugged. I'm going to share some of my favorite passages over the coming days. This first one perhaps exemplifies why studies continue to show liberals are miserable when compared to conservatives. From John Galt's address to the nation, undoubtedly with folks like this in mind:

You fear the man who has a dollar less than you, that dollar is rightfully his, he makes you feel like a moral defrauder. You hate the man who has a dollar more than you, that dollar is rightfully yours, he makes you feel that you are morally defrauded. The man below is a source of your guilt, the man above is a source of your frustration. You do not know what to surrender or demand, when to give and when to grab, what pleasure in life is rightfully yours and what debt is still unpaid to others-you struggle to evade, as "theory," the knowledge that by the moral standard you've accepted you are guilty every moment of your life, there is no mouthful of food you swallow that is not needed by someone somewhere on earth-and you give up the problem in blind resentment, you conclude that moral perfection is not to be achieved or desired, that you will muddle through by snatching as snatch can and by avoiding the eyes of the young, of those who look at you as if self-esteem where possible and they expected you to have it. Guilt is all that you retain within your soul-and so does every other man, as he goes past, avoiding your eyes. Do you wonder why your morality has not achieved brotherhood on earth or the good will of man to man?

Obama must indeed be a miserable wretch.

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