Thursday, June 29, 2006

Nice Edit Job, Ford Report

I wonder why The Ford Report so heavily edited what I said?

More Praise For Ford's New Immigration Ad
Congressman Ford's new radio ad that talks about immigration seems to be going over very well with the voters of Tennessee. The following praise for the new ad comes to us from the blog 'Someone Needs To Say It': U.S. Representative Harold Ford (D-Tenn.) has a great campaign ad on the subject of immigration. It is very convincing and is the single best ad that I have heard among those who are running for the Senate seat that is being vacated by Bill Frist....In any event, Ford is getting in front of the immigration issue and it will be a big issue in this election.

In case anyone is wondering, the text which is conveniently obliterated by the ellipses is as follows:

Ford's prior ads were utterly ridiculous. In one of them, he accuses President Bush of "giving away" the ports to another country or some such nonsense. In another, he whines and complains about gas prices and CEO compensation - a sure appeal to the ignorant and easily manipulatable masses. Maybe someone told Ford that the CEO of Exxon was not a candidate for the Senate.

It is no wonder that I am such a cynic when it comes to politics. I actually went to the site hoping to find the ad copy or a link to it so that I could post it here (which I will now not do) and stumbled across the link to my earlier post.

I was rather disappointed to see this kind of chop job. I cannot say that I am surprised. Similarly, I would not have been surprised if Bob Corker's minions had linked to the post and cut out my praise of Ford. But to my knowledge, they didn't. Or maybe they will just link to this post since I have already done the chopping for them.

While this is a clever use of ellipses, it hardly catches the spirit of the original post.


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